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Oil and Natural Gas Production Health (ONGP) Concerns

The Division of Environmental Health Epidemiology responds to questions and concerns related to oil and natural gas production (ONGP).

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Phone: 717-787-3350

ONGP Health Information Database

The ONGP Health Information Database gathers demographic and health symptom information from Pennsylvania residents who live close to oil and gas infrastructure, such as wells, compressor stations, etc. Trained division staff collect health information over the phone using an electronic questionnaire. Contact us using the contact information provided above if you have ONGP-related health concerns and would like to be part of the health information database.

Submission of information to this health information database is voluntary and the health symptoms reported are not clinically verified. The information collected will be kept confidential (subject to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act [HIPAA] of 1996). The data collected may be helpful for developing future research.

Upon request, the department will review environmental test results from the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection or a state accredited lab when available.  We will also interpret the results to determine health impacts. Individuals may consult with their physician, and if requested, the department will provide a list of environmental health physicians for additional follow-up.

Environmental Health Physician Partners

Environmental Health Physician Partners

This is a compilation of physicians within Pennsylvania known to DOH to have environmental training. A physician's inclusion is not a recommendation and/or endorsement by DOH to use their services. An appointment with an environmental health physician does not replace a visit with your primary care provider. Please check with your health insurance before making an appointment to determine your financial liability. 

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