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​​Health Statistics

Please browse through our webpages to find the latest available health statistics and data analysis for Pennsylvania. Our statistical products cover a wide variety of health topics suitable for community health assessments, research, and public inquiry. All statistical reports and webpages are maintained by the Health Informatics Office​ within the Pennsylvania Department of Health. A fly​​er (PDF) listing our materials is available for download.

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7/1/2024 - The 2023 Marriage and Divorce Statistics report has ​been updated.

7/1/2024 - The 2022 Maternal and Child Health Status Indicators re​port has ​been updated.

6/14/2024 - The Reproductive Health Outcomes dataset in EDD​IE has been updated.

5/22/2024 - The Birth Standard Output rep​orts have ​been updated.

5​/22/2024 - The Birth Projections by County reports have ​been updated.

4​/19/2024 - The County Health Profiles reports have ​been updated.

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