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Health Statistics

Please browse through our webpages to find the latest available health statistics and data analysis for Pennsylvania. Our statistical products cover a wide variety of health topics suitable for community health assessments, research, and public inquiry. All statistical reports and webpages are maintained by the Division of Health Informatics within the Pennsylvania Department of Health. A flyer (PDF) listing our materials is available for download.

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What's New

  • 10/22/2020 - The  County Health Profiles have been updated.
  • 10/22/2020 - The 2019 Hospital Report is now available.
  • 10/22/2020 - The 2019 Ambulatory Surgery Center Report is now available.
  • 10/21/2020 - The Hospital Discharge dataset in EDDIE was updated with 2019 data.
  • 10/16/2020 - The 2019 BRFSS state report was updated with 2019 data.
  • 10/6/2020 - The Population dataset in EDDIE was updated with 2019 data.
  • 9/10/2020 - The 2019 Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) report is available and is based on results from the ACE module of the 2019 Pennsylvania BRFSS survey.
  • 9/10/2020 - The BRFSS dataset in EDDIE was updated with 2019 data.