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Healthcare Facilities and Licensing

What kind of healthcare facilities do you oversee?

We license and regulate in-patient healthcare facilities, like nursing homes and hospitals, as well as out-patient healthcare facilities, like ambulatory surgical facilities and home health care agencies, to ensure they deliver safe health care to residents. We approve the building, engineering and construction plans for these facilities as well.

Below is a complete listing of all of types of facilities we regulate, as well as their location, operations and the laws governing our oversight.

What if I have a complaint about a facility?

All complaints filed are confidential. Our team investigates every complaint received. If you have a complaint about a healthcare facility, including a nursing home, please contact us at 1-800-254-5164 or fill out this online form.
What if I have a complaint about a doctor's office?

Doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals are licensed through the Pennsylvania Department of State. Individual doctor's offices are regulated through this licensure. If you have a complaint about a medical professional, please fill out this online form. The Department of State will follow up with you and handle the investigation.

In-Patient Healthcare Facilities

 Out-patient Healthcare Facilities

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