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Healthy Pennsylvania Partnership

The Healthy Pennsylvania Partnership (HPP) is a multi-sector collaboration that identifies key health challenges in Pennsylvania and works to solve them. Within the HPP there are three initiatives: the State Health Assessment (SHA), the State Health Improvement Plan (SHIP); and the Health Improvement Partnership Program. 

The current 2021-2022 annual calendar contains the annual schedule of meetings and purposes of each of the HPP committees. These include the partnership, executive committee, communications committee, SHA committee, and the SHIP taskforces.


Pennsylvania is a place where all people can achieve their full physical, mental, and social well-being in a safe environment, free of inequities.


To protect and improve the health of all Pennsylvanians by engaging stakeholders across multiple sectors to understand and respond to the health needs of Pennsylvanians through holistic, evidence-based, and data-informed intervention and prevention efforts.

Guiding Principles


We drive equitable health improvement strategies across the state using evidence, data, and intersectional expertise to inform our processes.


We respectfully partner with members of the community and diverse stakeholders to address the root causes of key public health issues and develop strategies for collective action.


We foster an environment where individuals share a sense of belonging and practice acceptance and active listening so that we may engage diverse populations.


We value and respect each other's time, honor individual commitments, maintain transparency, and recognize our responsibility to community and the mission, while being flexible to changing circumstances.


We cultivate an open dialogue between stakeholders and the public to share products, information, and data in an accessible and engaging way.


We aim to provide every person, regardless of location, religion, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or gender identity and expression, the same opportunities to live their healthiest life and reach their full potential.


March 2021