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Healthy Pennsylvania Partnership Pennsylvania State Health Improvement Plan 2015-2020

The 2021-2022 annual SHIP work plan includes the current evidence-based strategies  for each SHIP priority, the activities planned to implement the strategies, the target populations, collaborators, targets, and data sources.

The State Health Improvement Plan (SHIP) is a multi-year strategic plan developed in collaboration with a diverse public partnership of stakeholders across the commonwealth. It is a primary and expert resource for establishing and maintaining public health policies, is a comprehensive process and is strategic.

The SHIP identifies three Pennsylvania health priorities and includes strategies, lead and collaborating organizations and progress measures for each priority. For each priority, a task force with work groups meets to implement these strategies and reassess, as necessary, to improve the health of Pennsylvanians.

Health Priority 1:  Obesity, physical inactivity and nutrition (PDF)
Problem statement: Obesity, overweight, poor nutrition, and physical inactivity are associated with profound, adverse health conditions. These include high blood pressure, high cholesterol, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, some cancers, and other limiting physical and mental health issues.

Work groups:

  • Treatment and education
  • Prevention
  • Obesity disparities, equity and outreach

Health Priority 2:  Primary care and preventive services (PDF)
Problem statement:  Limited access to quality health care is a growing issue in many communities in Pennsylvania. Limits relate to the number of primary care practitioners, cultural competency, knowledge, location, affordability, coordination of comprehensive care, reimbursement and technology, among other things. Such limitations prevent many people from obtaining quality preventive and disease management services.

Work groups:

  • Primary care
  • Preventive strategies
  • Health literacy

Health Priority 3: Mental health and substance use (PDF)

Problem statement: Unmet mental health and substance use needs frequently lead to preventable illness and death in individuals, families and communities.

Work groups:

  • Behavioral health access
  • Tobacco prevention
  • Suicide prevention

The state health assessment is continually reviewed and updated to reflect current and emerging health factors impacting the population. To become involved as a task force member, contact the SHIP team at

March 2022