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Hearing Aid Registration Program

Under the Pennsylvania Hearing Aid Sales Registration Law, Act 262, all fitters or sellers of hearing aids must be registered with the Pennsylvania Department of Health Hearing Aid Program. In general, registration includes apprentices, dealers, temporary fitters, and hearing aid fitters. There are approximately 450 fitters, 50 apprentices, and 300 dealers registered under the program. Except for apprentices who usually renew twice a year, everyone must renew their registration/license annually, on April 15. Selling hearing aids without appropriate registration in the commonwealth is a direct violation of the law and may be subject to criminal and civil penalties.

Consumers who feel their rights may have been violated during the sale of a hearing aid can file a complaint with the Attorney General's Health Care Section, or by calling the Section at 717-705-6938 or 877-888-4877, the Department of Health at 717-783-8078, or by contacting their local District Justice.