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Fitter Registration Renewal Continuing Education (CE) Requirements

In accordance with the Pennsylvania Hearing Aid Sales Registration Law, Act of 1976, P.L. 1182, No. 262, Section 311 amended Dec. 21, 1998, P.L. 1190, No.153 hearing aid fitters/dispensers must have completed 20 contact hours (20 CEUs) of approved continuing education during the previous two years immediately preceding the expiration date. An excess of completed contact hours in the two-year renewal period cannot be carried over into the next two-year renewal period.

Hearing aid fitters/dispensers must indicate the total number of hours earned, date(s) course taken, name of course, and sponsor of the course, on the renewal application. This application must be signed by the fitter/dispenser.

Continuing Education Certificates earned must be retained on file by the fitter/dispenser for three years after the renewal and must produce certificates upon demand by the Department of Health or its auditing agents. Random audits and inspections will be performed to determine compliance with the CE requirements. Individuals selected for the audit are required to produce actual CE certificates or documentation as proof of completion of the continuing education. Please see back page for a list of approved continuing education sponsors.

New Registered Fitters/Dispensers

Fitters registered for less than two years, hours will be prorated. The calculation for prorating is based on the number of months in which the registrant possessed the registration certificate. The approximate general calculation is 15 ceu for 18-month registrants, 10 ceu for 12-month registrant, and 5 ceu for 6-month registrant.

Any hearing aid fitter/dispenser who fails to comply with the CE requirements will have their registration placed inactive. Any fitter who submits fraudulent information will be subject to disciplinary and/or administrative action.

NOTE: INACTIVE FITTERS wishing to be reinstated MUST comply with the CE requirements in order to be reinstated.