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​​​Indoor Tanning

The Act states that all tanning facilities (defined as any location in the Commonwealth where a tanning device is used for a fee, membership dues or any other compensation) are required to register with the Department of Health. The fee is based on the number of sunlamp products located at each facility. $150 (includes first two sunlamp products) $300 for a facility that operates more than two sunlamp products, plus $20.00 for each additional sunlamp product more than 10.

The Act states that a legal entity (an individual, corporation, partnership, proprietorship, or association) with a facility operating a tanning bed, booth, or sunlamp shall apply for certificate of registration for each tanning facility operating within the Commonwealth.  Along with registration, the Act prohibits the usage of a tanning facility by anyone who is 16 years of age or younger. A person who is 17 years of age shall be permitted to use a tanning facility only with the written authorization of a parent or legal guardian.

For professional questions contact Bureau of Non-Long-Term Care at 717-736-7362.

If you need additional assistance or have any questions regarding the registration application, please contact:

Indoor Tanning Program
2525 North 7th Street, Suite 210
Harrisburg, PA 17710
717-547-3620 option #1