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COVID-19 Vaccines

Vaccines are safe and effective and the best way to protect  you and those around you from serious illnesses.

Vaccine phases

Currently, we are in Phase 1A of Pennsylvania's vaccine rollout. Learn more about what each phase means.

Popular Vaccine Topics

Use the buttons below to navigate to the information you need. If you have questions about the vaccination process, call the Pennsylvania Department of Health hotline at 1-877-724-3258.

Are you a vaccine provider? View COVID-19 Information for Vaccine Providers.

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Vaccine Rollout Plan

With initial supplies limited, the COVID-19 vaccine will be distributed to Pennsylvanians in four phases.

We're currently in Phase 1A and have begun vaccinating those most at-risk of illness, such as health care workers and Pennsylvanians living in long-term care facilities, persons age 65 and older, and those age 16-64 with high-risk conditions. See a comprehensive list of Pennsylvanians included in each phase here:

Where Can I Get Vaccinated?

Wondering if you are eligible for the vaccine? Take the Vaccine Eligibility Quiz.

The Pennsylvania Department of Health is working to ensure all enrolled vaccine providers have information publicly available for those currently eligible to be vaccinated. This map will be updated as more locations receive vaccine. Click on a marker to see details on vaccination locations. All locations listed on the map are enrolled providers. It is important to note that the supply of vaccine compared to the demand is very limited, and many locations may not have vaccine available. Please contact the provider/facility directly to check if they have any appointments as not all providers are vaccinating people eligible in Phase 1A.

*Note – Philadelphia County is a separate vaccine jurisdiction and has their own information about vaccine distribution

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Vaccine Data

Below, see Pennsylvania's vaccine data by county and review a demographic breakdown of who has been vaccinated. 

Disclaimer: Beginning on 1/19/2021, the counts in the table and map on the Vaccines by County page now represent the number of people vaccinated. Prior to 1/19/2021, these counties represented the number of vaccinations administered.

​Note: Pennsylvania residents who receive a COVID vaccine from a clinic in Philadelphia County, or received a vaccination from a federal facility (such as a veterans hospital or federal prison), or who received a vaccination in another state are not included in this dashboard due to separate reporting requirements.

Volunteer to Help

Want to help with Pennsylvania's COVID-19 response? Sign up in the State Emergency Registry of Volunteers in Pennsylvania (SERVPA) and join our COVID Mass Vaccination (PADOH) or PADOH District Office Volunteer organizations. You can also find another organization in your area to join.

Questions? Give Us A Call

Questions about COVID vaccines? Call the PA Health Hotline at 1-877-724-3258

Updated: 2/5/2021