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COVID-19 Data for Pennsylvania

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​COVID-19 Dashboard

The COVID-19 Dashboard discloses the number of confirmed and probable cases, deaths, ZIP-code level data, hospital preparedness, and case and death demographics. The dashboard is updated weekly on Wednesdays. This information is also available for download. 

Note: The COVID-19 Data Dashboard does not load properly in Internet Explorer. It is recommended to use Chrome, Edge or Firefox to view the dashboard.

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​About Our Data

Decisions surrounding the managing of the COVID-19 pandemic are data-driven, literature-based and follow established public health practices. The department uses statewide and national data as well as peer-reviewed literature, and guidance from the CDC and White House when making public health decisions. Decisions are based on science and facts. 

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Vaccine Dashboard

The vaccine dashboard is updated weekly on Wednesdays.

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Note: Pennsylvania residents who receive a COVID-19 vaccination from a federal facility (such as a Veteran Health Administration hospital or a federal prison), or who received a vaccination in another state are not included in this dashboard due to separate reporting requirements.

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Vaccine Rates By Legislative District

COVID vaccine rates vary widely by legislative district. See how your legislative district compares statewide.

Check Your Community COVID-19 Level

The CDC's "COVID-19 Community Levels" tool is designed to help you make decisions based on your local context.
Find the CDC's community levels and prevention recommendations by county here:

Updated Case and Death Information


The Department of Health has made case, death, and hospitalization data available since the beginning of the pandemic through the commonwealth’s OpenData platform. 
The commonwealth’s OpenData platform also shows how the commonwealth’s public-facing services are providing relief and support to those in need at this time. Information included is data from the Department of Labor & Industry regarding unemployment compensation, data from the Department of Human Services on its Office of Income Maintenance Call Center, and data from the Department of Health on calls to the 1-877-PA-HEALTH line.

Long-Term Care Facility Data

Long-term care facility by county is updated each day at noon and long-term care facilities by facility. Use this data to see COVID-19 cases associated with long-term care facilities, to date.

Early Warning Monitoring Updates By Date

The PA Early Warning Monitoring Dashboard is updated weekly on Mondays. This dashboard provides county and statewide breakdowns on the number of confirmed cases, incidence rates per 100,000, PCR testing occurrences, average daily hospitalizations, average daily ventilators, and total hospital visits


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