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COVID-19 Health Equity Response Team​

In April of 2020, the OHE established the COVID-19 Health Equity Response Team. This diverse taskforce is made up of over 300 community, government, and academic stakeholders who have developed COVID-19 recommendations to serve 11 vulnerable populations in the Commonwealth. In the summer of 2020, the Health Equity Response Team developed 69 recommendations constituting a plan to mitigate the negative impact of COVID-19 among vulnerable populations and to reduce the potential of unintentional harm, loss of life, suffering and long term multi-generational impact.

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Vulnerable populations served:

  • Pregnant women and parents of extremely young or multiple children
  • Pennsylvanians over age 65
  • Racial and ethnic minorities(R/EM)
  • LGBTQ community
  • Incarcerated or returning citizens
  • Individuals living with mental health and/or substance abuse disorder
  • Rural Pennsylvanians
  • Economically challenged individuals, low-wage essential employees, and the un-and underinsured
  • Survivors of interpersonal violence(SIPV)
  • Pennsylvanians with disabilities and individuals who experience short-term or persistent housing insecurity or live in congregate housing
  • Individuals who have immigrated and/or those for whom English is a second language
Team Leads

Team Name
​Team Lead
Pennsylvanians Over Age 65Geoffrey Roche
Racial and Ethnic MinoritiesOralia Dominic
Khadijah Mitchell
Pregnant Women and Families of Young/Multiple ChildrenNancy Mimm
Aasta Mehta
Rural PennsylvaniansAllison Robinson
Pennsylvanians with Disabilities and Individuals Who Experience Short-Term or Persistent Housing Insecurity or Live in Congregate HousingChristine Heyser
Individuals Who Have Immigrated and/or Those for Whom English is a Second LanguageMeagan Hume
Survivors of Interpersonal ViolenceBelinda Williams
Incarcerated or Returned ResidentsTaWanda Stallworth
Individuals Living with Mental Health and/or Substance Abuse DisorderRoseanne Scotti
Economically Challenged Individuals, Low-Wage Essential Employees, and The Un-and UnderinsuredRebecka Rosenquist
Caroline La Rochelle
The LGBTQ CommunitySarah Russo