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Blair County

The Blair County Planning Commission (BCPC)

The Blair County Planning Commission (BCPC), created in May 1964, is an independent agency of the local governments in Blair County.  Its purpose is to provide area wide comprehensive planning for the county,  as well as to perform planning-related activities for the county and constituent municipalities.  The commission is made up of nine members appointed by the Board of Commissioners of the County of Blair to serve terms of four years with three representing the city of Altoona - three representing the boroughs collectively and three representing the townships collectively.
The BCPC currently employs a staff of six full-time individuals who perform the activities specified in grant agreements for transportation planning, storm water management planning, and community development. The staff also drafts comments and recommendations associated with the numerous reviews performed by the Blair County Planning Commission and is also active in promoting both the built and natural environments, healthy lifestyles, and municipal cooperation.

Blair County Planning Commission

If you are interested in joining a walking group in Blair County or currently belong to a walking group or other organization that is looking for a place to walk and engage in regular physical activity, please email or contact one of the following for more information:

Altoona, Juniata, Gaysport and Mansion: Jenn Soisson:; (814)201-2647

Hollidaysburg: Patti Duron:; (814) 695-7543

Williamsburg: Dave Cadle:; (814) 317-5231