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Modifying a Birth Record

All Requests to Modify a Birth Record will be processed in accordance with the following:

  • Vital Statistics Law
  • Domestic Relations Code, Consolidated Statute Title 23
  • Names, Consolidate Statute Title 54 (Chapter 7, Judicial Name Changes)
  • PA Code, Title 28, Chapter 1. Administration of Vital Records

How do I modify a birth record and receive an updated birth certificate?
The forms listed below are to be used to modify a birth record.  These forms cannot be used to modify an individual's birth record due to an adoption.  Upon update to the record, an updated birth certificate will be issued, if requested. 

Older copies of birth certificates may have a “correction form” on the back. Please be advised that the “Request to Modify” forms on this page have replaced that correction form. Requests submitted on the old correction form are no longer accepted.
To add, remove or replace a parent on a birth record, complete the Request to Modify Parentage on a Birth Record form.   

To modify information, other than parentage, complete the appropriate form below, based on the age of the individual whose record needs to be amended.    

Mail the completed form, your identification, payment, and documentary evidence (see each form for specific details) to:

PA Department of Health
Bureau of Health Statistics and Registries
ATTN: Birth Registry
555 Walnut Street, 6th Floor 
Harrisburg, PA 17101-1934

To improve the processing time for your application, ensure the following:

  • That you have completed Part 1 of the form in its entirety
  • That you have included an acceptable form of ID as outlined in Part 2
  • That you have included payment if applicable as outlined in Part 3
  • That you have completed Part 4 in its entirety.  Please ensure that you have provided the full and correct spelling of the individual's name as it currently appears on the individual's birth certificate.
  • That you have only completed information in Part 5 that needs modified on the individual's birth record.  Please do not complete fields in this section that do not need modified.
  • That you have signed and notarized (if applicable) the form as outlined in Part 6.
  • That you have provided acceptable documentary evidence as outlined in Part 7.

Please note that the specific requirements for Parts 1, 6, and 7 vary based on the form you are submitting.  The forms submitted must align with the age of the subject at the time you are completing the form and submitting to BHSR.

See our current Processing Times for amendments.