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‚ÄčAcceptable ID

What forms of identification are acceptable to get my certificate?

Individuals applying for a certificate must present an unexpired government-issued photo identification at time of application. If you are requesting that the certificate be mailed to you, you must provide a form of government-issued photo identification that also provides proof of address. Acceptable forms of government-issued photo identification include the following:



Driver's LicenseXX
License to Carry Firearms/Carry and Conceal PermitXX
Inmate Identification Card XX*
Military Identification CardX 
Medical Marijuana Identification CardX 
Passport (United States or Foreign Government)X 
State-issued Identification CardXX

*If you are presenting a recent inmate photo identification card and are no longer incarcerated, then you must also provide a copy of release papers or a letter from the institution that verified your current mailing address.

What if I don't have a government-issued photo ID ?

Individuals who do not have a government-issued photo identification, but have an educational photo identification may submit the following:



Student ID from an accredited and verifiable high school along with a current report card XIf current address is listed on the report card
Student ID from an accredited and verifiable college along with a current transcriptXIf current address is listed on the transcript

*The student ID must be from the current academic year unless the individual is a recent graduate. Then the student ID may be from the previous academic year.

If the applicant does not have any of the above forms of identification, the applicant must submit two different types of acceptable documentation that verifies your name and current mailing address. 

Acceptable documentation may include:

  • Lease/Rental Agreement
  • Utility Bill
  • Vehicle Registration or insurance policy
  • Tax Return/W-2 form
  • Social Security Statement
  • Bank or Credit Card Statement

If the applicant does not have any of the above alternate documentation, two pieces of current mail to verify name and address are acceptable. Junk mail and envelopes are excluded. An example would be a letter from another government agency, a physician, employer, etc. If the applicant's mailing address contains a post office box, then the documents must reflect that the applicant has utilized the post office box for at least two months.

If applying by mail, please send us a legible photocopy of your identification documentation. Do not send us your original ID cards.