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Medical Assistance (MA), also referred to sometimes as Medicaid, provides payment for health care services on behalf of eligible low-income individuals with limited income and high medical expenses.

Department of Health Data

Nursing Home Reports
A large volume of information by nursing homes including admissions, discharges, beds, and occupancy rates.
The Burden of Asthma in Pennsylvania
This report focuses on adult and child asthma prevalence, hospitalizations, mortality, and costs in Pennsylvania.
Health Care Workforce Dashboard
This dashboard presents staffing data for those employed as nurses in Pennsylvania.  The data is broken out by county and has multiple selectors to further investigate the data.

External Data Sources

Office of Income Maintenance Statistical Reports (PA Department of Human Services)

Health Care / Medical Assistance (PA Departmentof Human Services)

Research, Statistics, Data & Systems (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services- CMS)

Medicaid & CHIP (Kaiser Family Foundation)

Resources for States | Medicaid

CHIP Statistical Enrollment Data Reports (