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Bureaus and Offices

Department of Health Bureaus

Bureau of Communicable Diseases

  • The mission of the Bureau of Communicable Diseases is to reduce the incidence and prevalence of communicable diseases in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania by providing a wide range of prevention and intervention strategies that incorporate all aspects of government and community partnerships. To this end, the Bureau operates disease control programs for four major areas: HIV/AIDS, vaccine preventable diseases (immunizations), sexually transmitted diseases and tuberculosis. The Bureau of Communicable Diseases is comprised of 3 divisions: HIV/AIDS, Immunizations and TB/STD.
  • Bureau of Communicable Diseases
    Room 1023
    625 Forster St.
    Harrisburg, PA 17120-0701
    717-783-0479 Phone
    717-705-5513 Fax

Bureau of Community Health Systems

  • The Bureau of Community Health Systems, through the six health districts, operates a network of state health centers and supports public health programs throughout the commonwealth. Health centers engage in community health assessment and quality assurance activities and provide other public health services, including community integration and outreach programs, to promote healthy behaviors.
  • Bureau of Community Health Systems
    30 Kline Plaza
    Harrisburg, PA 17104

Bureau of Community Program Licensure and Certification

  • Quality Assurance's mission is to maximize the quality and integrity of care and services by monitoring compliance and by promoting data, education and collaboration within Pennsylvania. The Bureau of Community Program Licensure and Certification licenses and verifies compliance with state and federal health and safety standards, as mandated by law, in the following facilities.
  • Bureau of Community Program Licensure and Certification
    555 Walnut Street
    7th Floor, Suite 701
    Harrisburg, PA 17101
    717-783-8665  Phone
    717-787-3188  Fax

Bureau of Emergency Medical Services

  • The Department of Health is the lead agency for emergency medical services (EMS) in the Commonwealth. The Department's Bureau of Emergency Medical Services is responsible for the statewide development and coordination of a comprehensive system to prevent and reduce premature death and disability.
  • Bureau of Emergency Medical Services
    1310 Elmerton Ave
    Harrisburg, PA 17110
    717-787-8740 Phone
    717- 772-0910 Fax

Bureau of Emergency Preparedness and Response (BEPR)

Bureau of Epidemiology

  • Epidemiology is the study of disease patterns and outbreaks. The Pennsylvania Department of Health, Bureau of Epidemiology collects data on diseases affecting persons in the commonwealth including numbers of diseases, causes of diseases and locations of diseases. The Bureau of Epidemiology investigates disease outbreaks and epidemics. The Bureau also advises on health issues, rules and regulations affecting citizens. Epidemiology is the study of disease patterns and outbreaks.
  • Bureau of Epidemiology
    Room 933
    625 Forster St.
    Harrisburg, PA 17120
    717-787-3350 Phone

    717-772-6975 Fax

Bureau of Facility Licensure and Certification

  • The Pennsylvania Department of Health licenses and verifies compliance with state and federal health and safety standards in supervised healthcare facilities as mandated by law, including hospitals, nursing homes, and ambulatory surgical facilities. The Department conducts regular on-site surveys to assure health, safety, sanitation, fire and quality of care requirements and to identify deficiencies which may affect state licensure or eligibility for federal reimbursements under the Medicaid and Medicare programs.
  • Bureau of Facility Licensure and Certification
    625 Forster Street, Room 528, Health & Welfare Building
    Harrisburg, PA 17120-0701
    717-787-8015  Phone
    717-705-7298  Fax

Bureau of Family Health

  • The Bureau of Family Health is the state agency in Pennsylvania responsible for promoting and protecting the health of pregnant women, infants, children and children with special health care needs.
  • Bureau of Family Health
    Division of Child and Adult Health Services
    Health and Welfare Building
    625 Forster St.
    Harrisburg, PA 17120-0701
    717-772-2762 Phone

Bureau of Health Planning

  • The Bureau of Health Planning includes the Division of Plan Development and the Division of Health Professions Development.
  • Bureau of Health Planning
    Room 1033, Health and Welfare Building
    625 Forster St.
    Harrisburg, PA 17120-0701
    717-772-5298 Phone
    717-705-6525 Fax

Bureau of Health Promotion and Risk Reduction

  • The Bureau of Health Promotion & Risk Reduction (BHPRR) serves as the focal point to reduce the impact of chronic disease, injury and violence for everyone in Pennsylvania. The mission of the BHPRR is to support community partners in implementing evidence-based prevention strategies, using current data and research for chronic disease, injury, and violence to foster healthy and resilient communities across the Commonwealth of PA.
  • Bureau of Health Promotion & Risk Reduction (BHPRR)
    625 Forster Street
    Room 1000, Health and Welfare Building
    Harrisburg, PA 17120
    717-787-6214 Phone

    717-783-5498 Fax

Bureau of Health Statistics and Registries

  • The mission of the Bureau of Health Statistics and Registries is to: establish and manage statewide registries of diseases, vital events, and health status; review departmental requests for proposals and applications for federal and other funds, prior to their release/submission, to ensure that appropriate assessment strategies are included and that departmental business needs are met; maintain the repository for all vital records of the commonwealth; and oversee the issuance of certified copies of birth and death certificates to ensure that customer service needs are met.
  • Bureau of Health Statistics and Registries
    717-783-2548 Phone

Bureau of Laboratories

  • To provide clinical laboratory testing, advice, consultation and quality assurance standards to all who require or deliver medical diagnostic services; to assure services are accurate, timely, state-of-the-art, cost effective, and delivered in a responsive and courteous manner. The Bureau of Laboratories operates the state public health lab and regulates clinical laboratories serving the citizens of Pennsylvania. The laboratory supports disease prevention through the provision of investigatory, diagnostic, and confirmatory testing for both infectious and non-infectious diseases. Routine testing provides information necessary for patient care and aids in monitoring ongoing public health concerns in Pennsylvania.

Bureau of Managed Care

  • The Department of Health reviews, approves, licenses and monitors the quality of care provided to consumers by health maintenance organizations (HMOs) and other managed care systems. The Department promotes innovation in the health care marketplace by encouraging the development of alternative health delivery systems. The Bureau of Managed Care identifies problems associated with cost, quality and access within the managed care industry and initiates solutions with consumers and providers.
  • Bureau of Managed Care
    Room 912 Health & Welfare Building
    625 Forster Street
    Harrisburg, PA 17120-0701
    717-787-5193 Phone

Woman, Infants and Children (WIC)

  • Through WIC, pregnant women, mothers, and caregivers of infants and young children learn about good nutrition to keep themselves and their families healthy. WIC provides nutrition services, breastfeeding support, healthcare and social service referrals and healthy foods to an average of 247,000 participants every month.
  • Bureau of Women, Infants and Children (WIC)
    625 Forster St.
    7th Floor West Wing
    Health and Welfare Building
    Harrisburg, PA 17120-0701
    State Program Office:
    717-783-1289 Phone
    717-705-0462 Fax  

Department of Health Offices

Health Care-Associated Infections

  • The Healthcare-Associated Infection Prevention (HAIP) Section was established to execute the Department of Health's responsibilities created by Act 52 of 2007. The mission of HAIP is to protect patients, residents, visitors and healthcare personnel as well as promote safety, quality and value in the healthcare delivery system.
  • 717-425-5422 Phone

Health Research Office

Office of Health Equity

  • The Office of Health Equity (OHE) was formally integrated into the Pennsylvania Department of Health through an executive order signed in May 2007.
  • Provides leadership to increase public awareness of health disparities in Pennsylvania.
  • 717-547-3315 Phone

Office of Health Resources and Services

  • Many states are exploring innovative approaches to transform health and health care delivery. The Commonwealth's Health Innovation in Pennsylvania (HIP) plan is a comprehensive, multi-stakeholder statewide initiative to improve the health of all Pennsylvanians by redesigning the way we pay for, deliver, and coordinate health and health care services. The plan will include strategies to advance population health, health information technology, and workforce development. Led by Governor Wolf, the HIP plan, once implemented, will lead to better care, smarter spending, and healthier Pennsylvanians.

Prescription Drug Monitoring Program

  • To help prevent prescription drug abuse and protect the health and safety of our community, Pennsylvania's Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PA PDMP) collects information on all filled prescriptions for controlled substances. This information helps health care providers safely prescribe controlled substances and helps patients get the treatment they need.
  • Office of Drug Surveillance and Misuse Prevention
    Health & Welfare Building
    625 Forster St., Room 604
    Harrisburg, PA 17120
    844-377-7367, select prompt "1" for technical questions
    844-377-7367, select prompt "0" for all other questions for general questions
  • for technical questions

District Offices

Northcentral District
Water Tower Square
1000 Commerce Park Drive
Suite 109
Williamsport, PA 17701
Phone: 570-327-3400
Fax: 570-327-3748
Northeast District
100 Lackawanna Avenue
Room 316
Scranton, PA 18503​
Phone: 570-892-4080
Fax: 570-826-2238
Northwest District
19 McQuiston Drive
Jackson Center, PA 16133
Phone: 724-662-6068
Fax: 724-662-6086
Southcentral District
30 Kline Plaza
Harrisburg, PA 17104
Phone: 717-787-8092
Fax: 717-772-3151
Southeast District
Reading State Office Building
Room 442 625 Cherry Street
Reading, PA 19602
Phone: 610-378-4352
Fax: 610-378-4527

Southwest District
233 West Otterman Street
Greensburg, PA 15601
Phone: 724-830-2701
Fax: 724-832-5327