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​Health Planning

The mission of BHP's Division of Plan Development (DPD) is to develop and promote strategies to improve the public's health, support the department in accreditation readiness, and provide comprehensive reports on population health status and health care workforce.

DPD Initiatives

  • Develop the State Health Assessment and the State Health Improvement Plan.
  • Engage community partnerships in opportunities to exchange public health improvement resources, information, and best practices, through the Health Improvement Partnership Program.
  • Collect information on the health care workforce and publish reports on the characteristics of Pennsylvania's health care workforce.
  • Support the department's efforts and activities in readying for national public health accreditation.

Health Professions Development

The mission of BHP's Division of Health Professions Development (DHPD) is to improve primary medical and dental care service delivery and the distribution of the health care workforce in Pennsylvania to meet the needs of medically underserved populations.

DHPD Goals

  • Assess and identify areas in Pennsylvania that meet federal criteria as Health Professional Shortage Areas (HPSA) or Medically Underserved Areas or Populations (MUA/P).
  • Increase access to primary medical and dental care in HPSAs and MUA/Ps by increasing the number of primary care health care practitioners and the number of primary care medical and/or dental services.
  • Increase the capacity of local communities and community-based organizations to develop and expand integrated, coordinated systems of primary and medical and dental care in federally designated underserved areas.
  • Increase the supply of primary medical and dental practitioners in underserved areas through support of pre-professional health care career development programs.

DHPD works toward meeting and exceeding its goals by participating in, developing, administering and/or monitoring Primary Care Resources that include these initiatives:  HPSA and MUA/P Designations, Primary Care Loan Repayment Program, Physician Visa Waiver Programs, National Health Service Corps, and the Community-Based Health Care Grant Program.