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Growth Screening Program 

28 PA Code, Chapter 23.7 states "Height and weight measurement shall be conducted at least once annually and preferably twice annually. Every effort shall be made to determine the pattern of growth for each child so that his weight and heigh can be interpreted in light of his own growth pattern rather than those of his classmates."

NOTE: Beginning with school year 2015-16, the Department of Health BMI-for-age percentile categories will match the CDC BMI-for-age percentile categories as follows:

  • Underweight: < 5th percentile
  • Healthy Weight: 5th - < 85th percentile
  • Overweight: 85th - < 95th percentile
  • Obese: =/> 95th percentile

For schools using electronic health records or systems to calculate BMI and BMI-for-age percentile, please notify your vendors of this change. 

Procedures for the Growth Screening Program for Pennsylvania's School-Age Population

Template Letter for Parent Notification developed by Penn State Hershey PRO Wellness Center, this letter provides tips and resources to encourage parents to make healthy lifestyle changes for their children. For a fillable version of the letter, click here, then select "access our BMI letter" to fill out the contact form. Once submitted, an email will be received with the fillable WORD file.

CDC Growth Charts (Boys and Girls ages two to 20). These forms can be used to calculate student's BMI-for-Age Percentile.