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Multi-Hazard School Safety Planning Toolkit

Based on the National Incident Management (NIMS) model, this toolkit has been developed by multiple government agencies and school representatives. The Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency and Pennsylvania Department of Education announced on July 2, 2009 that the "All-Hazards" School Safety Planning Toolkit is now available for schools, school districts and emergency responders in Pennsylvania. The planning toolkit includes essential resources, such as legal citations, guidelines and other reference material, to help plan for all types of emergencies and disasters, whether natural or man-made.

Multi-Hazards School Safety Planning Toolkit
Schools are encouraged to develop All-Hazard Plans in collaboration with local police, fire and EMS. Contact information for EMS Regional Councils can be accessed by clicking here.    

Pennsylvania Emergency Guidelines for Schools - 2018
These guidelines are designed to assist school staff in responding to pediatric emergencies.