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​​​​​PA Free Quitline

What is the Quitline?

  • The PA Free Quitline (1-800-QUIT-NOW) is a telephone-based tobacco cessation counseling service offering free coaching, with no judgment. This program has a proven record of increasing your chances of staying smoke free for good.

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What does the program offer?

  • Trained Quit Coaches, available 24/7, who will help create a plan that is right for you;
  • Up to five free coaching calls – and unlimited, inbound calls for additional support during times of high risk for using tobacco;
  • Free nicotine replacement therapy – if medically eligible; and
  • Web-based and text-messaging support.

What to Expect When You Call (and more)

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Special Quitline Programs

  • Pregnant and Postpartum Program
    • Get up to nine free, personalized coaching sessions
    • Receive $ incentives for each call completed
    • Get free nicotine replacement therapy – if medically eligible
  • Youth Tobacco and Vaping Cessation Program - visit
    • Five coaching sessions by phone, live texting or chat
    •  Coaches who help teens navigate social situations while finding healthy ways to cope with stress
    • Text or call a dedicated toll-free number (1-855-891-9989) for real-time coaching
    • Promotional and educational materials designed for youth with messages from youth about quitting tobacco and vaping

Want to learn more?

Visit the Quitline website QuitLogix for more information!
Call 1-800-QUIT-NOW (1-800-784-8669)
It's Free. It's Confidential. IT WORKS! ​

For Healthcare Providers

How to Refer Patients

  • QuitLogix - Web Referrals

Check out the PA Free Quitline online, QuitLogix!  The site provides educational materials, web support, tips on how to talk to and refer patients, and how to effectively apply an evidence-based brief tobacco intervention.

  • e-Referral

eReferral's allow healthcare providers to send secure, two-way communication between a provider and the Quitline through the patient's electronic health record (EHR). This system improves accuracy of patient referrals to the Quitline and increases the likelihood of a successful referral, while integrating tobacco cessation into routine clinical care.  To learn more about the program please complete the Contact Us form.

  • Fax to Quit

Fax To Quit is an alternative referral method for those with limited internet or online capabilities.   

Special Quitline Programs

  • Pregnancy Protocol

Designed specifically to help women during and after pregnancy.

  • Youth Protocol 'My Life. My Quit' - Youth Tobacco and Vaping Cessation Program

The program includes educational materials designed for teens. Five coaching sessions by phone, live texting or chat with a coach who will listen and help teens navigate social situations while finding healthy ways to cope with stress.

  • Native American Protocol

Participants will be able to reach a Native coach at 1-855-372-0037. Coaches have been specially trained to provide tobacco cessation techniques while honoring Native Americans’ use of pure tobacco for spiritual and health purposes.

  • Incentive Program for Menthol Commercial Tobacco Users 
The PA Free Quitline offers incentives to help menthol tobacco users quit. Incentives will be sent to eligible menthol tobacco user participants based on completing up to three coaching calls.

Resources and Information

Contact one of our eight Regional Primary Contractors who provide cessation services locally in all 67 counties in Pennsylvania. Individual sessions, group classes, and free nicotine replacement therapy.​

Contact Us

  1. If you've experienced a problem while seeking services from the PA Free Quitline. We will follow-up to correct any service issues.  
  2. Have you quit tobacco for at least six months after using the services of the PA Free Quitline?  We love to share "success stories" of our tobacco quitters. Email us at