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Participating Provider Agreement

A Participating Provider Agreement (PPA) is a legal and binding agreement used by the Bureau of Family Health to pay for health services based on a fee schedule.  By signing a PPA, the provider agrees to deliver services as set forth in their PPA.  Services are reimbursed based on a condition-specific fee schedule that delineates the approved procedure and the maximum allowable fee.

To be reimbused for services provided, the provider must have a current PPA and the patient must be enrolled with the Bureau at the time of services.
All service providers wishing to do business with the Commonwealth, must be registered with the Central Vendor Management Unit (CVMU)  and the Department of State (DOS). If you are not already registered, you must do this before you can enter into an agreement with the Bureau.                

PPA Process

Step 1.  Central Vendor Management Unit (CVMU): If you are already registered with CVMU, you do not need to register, please move onto Step 2.   If you are not registered, please register as a Non-Procurement Vendor and complete the W-9 form, which is located at the bottom of the registration form before you click SUBMIT. 

Step 2.  Department of State (DOS):  Assure that the entity organization name you registered with under DOS matches how you registered in CVMU. If your entity name has changed, this information should be updated with DOS before you can proceed to Step 3.

Step 3.  After you register with CVMU and DOS, please select from the list below, the Provider Type that most closely describes the services(s) that you provide.     

Chronic Renal Disease - Medical Services
Chronic Renal Disease - Transportation   
For questions, please call 717-772-2762.