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​​Organized Camps

The Pennsylvania Department of Health annually registers organized camps in Pennsylvania pursuant to Act 497 of 1959, as amended, 35 P.S. §§ 3001-3004.  An organized camp is defined by law as a program and facilities established for the primary purpose of providing an outdoor group living experience for children, youth and adults, with social, recreational and educational objectives, and which is operated and used for five or more consecutive days during one or more seasons of the year.  The term "organized camp" does not mean establishments commonly known as tourist camps, motels, trailer parks, lumber camps, construction camps, labor camps, penal camps and hunting camps.  The annual registration fee shall be ten dollars ($10). 

Organized camps will be mailed a registration renewal letter each year. Once a registration form and payment have been submitted, a Certificate of Registration will be issued.  Registrations follow the Commonwealth's fiscal year and are valid from July 1-June 30. 

To improve and streamline the Organized Camps registration process, the Department of Health has created a new online registration​ and payment system. This new online registration process allows camp owners to register and pay online, and to receive email verification that the camp registration was received.


Questions about registering a Pennsylvania camp should be directed to 717-787-4366 or