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Demographic Data Reporting for Diagnostic Testing Online Course

Without accurate demographic data for diagnostic testing, it's impossible for public health and healthcare professionals to know how diseases are impacting our diverse communities in Pennsylvania. To improve our ability to track and respond to these issues, the Pennsylvania Department of Health has developed a short, online course to provide you with an overview of how and why demographic data collection is so vital in laboratory testing. During this training, you will learn:

  • What data needs to be collected with a testing specimen;
  • Why the data is needed and how it is utilized;
  • Testing providers and clinical laboratories actions; and
  • Resources and references available.

Finding and Taking This Course

Follow the directions below to access this important training:

  1. Log in to TRAIN PA using your login name and password. (If you don't have a TRAIN PA account, more information on creating an account is located in the section below).
  2. Go to the course details page. Alternately, you can search for the course using the course ID, 1096168, or the course name, PA-DOH: Demographic Variables on Laboratory Submission Forms Training.
  3. Click the Launch button to begin the training.

Creating a TRAIN PA Account

Information on creating a new TRAIN PA account can be found on the TRAIN User Tips page in the video and instructions for "Setting Up Your TRAIN Account." If you have questions about how to use TRAIN PA, the additional videos on the TRAIN User Tips page will provide you with direction on how to use this site. If you have questions, contact