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​Vital Statistics Annual Report

The following categories - Population, Births, Deaths, Induced Abortions, and Reported Pregnancies - appear in the Department's annual report: Pennsylvania Vital Statistics.

The files below contain numerous data tables of vital statistics for the state, counties, and 28 selected municipalities (cities and boroughs with a 2010 census enumerated population of 20,000 or more). All data shown are for residents. Municipality data are not shown for induced abortions and reported pregnancies since induced abortion data are only available at the state and county levels.

If you cannot find the data you are looking for, please check our web pages: Birth Statistics and Death Statistics. Our interactive web tool, EDDIE, allows the user to submit queries to obtain data tables, graphs, and maps of vital statistics. To access vital statistics for the United States, go to the National Center for Health Statistics web site.

There is also a link below for a pamphlet that shows various vital statistics data for Pennsylvania. Statistics are provided as far back as 1906, the first year statewide figures were collected. The file is formatted for legal size (8.5" X 14"). Your printer will need to be adjusted accordingly to print this document.

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