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‚ÄčCommunity Health Assessment Resources

The following resources list a wide variety of links to health statistics or different levels of technical assistance to those interested in conducting community health assessments. They can serve as a starting point for beginners, assist with specific tasks associated with assessments, and/or provide data/assistance for even experienced health planners.

  1. Health Statistics A to Z
  2. Technical Assistance

IMPORTANT: Please note that there is a shortage of health-related and other statistics available below the county level (municipality, zip code, census tract, etc.). This is due to several factors:

  • Lack of current and detailed population data for those geographies to compute specific rates and other statistics;
  • Sample databases (used for state and county or regional data) usually do not have large enough sample sizes to provide reliable statistics for smaller geographies;
  • Smaller numbers of events for these geographies that tend to be much more unreliable for analysis and rate calculation;
  • Local, state, and national laws/regulations that do not allow the release of any potentially identifiable data;
  • and some databases do not collect or code information below the state or county level.