Oral Health

List of objectives in this topic area:

  • OH-4.1: Percent who lost a permanent tooth due to dental caries or periodontal disease, age 45 to 64
  • OH-4.2: Percent who have lost all of their natural teeth, age 65 to 74
  • OH-6: Percent of oral and pharyngeal cancers with early detection
  • OH-7: Percent of adults who visit a dentist
  • OH-13: Percent of population served by optimally fluoridated community water systems
  • OH-15.2: State has a system for referral for cleft lips and cleft palates to rehabilitative teams
  • OH-16: State has an oral and craniofacial health surveillance system
  • OH-17.1: State has a public dental health program directed by a dental professional with public health training