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Injuries are damage to the structure or function of the body from an external cause, such as an outside agent or force, which may be physical or chemical, and can occur either through accident or by intent.

Department of Health Data

See Deaths dataset.
Combined Injury Reports
Report containing injury-specific chapters summarizing injury deaths and hospitalizations statewide.
County Injury Profiles
One-page profiles tabulating injury hospitalizations for a specific county (counts and charges only, no rates).
Behavioral Health Risks of Pennsylvania Adults
Reports containing data from annual surveys of modifiable risks that affect people's health.
Death Statistics
A large volume of tables including statistics on a variety of death topics.
Healthy People
A report that tracks the progress of public health objectives in meeting their goals by the end of the decade.

External Data Sources

NCIPC: National Center for Injury Prevention and Control (CDC)

SafeKids Worldwide

HCUPnet: Healthcare Cost and Utilization Project (AHRQ, HHS)

Avoid Personal Injury: Tips for Safe Driving