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​Cancer Statistics

Welcome to the Cancer Statistics page, the premier source for data on the burden of cancer in Pennsylvania.

Reports from the Health Informatics Office

Cancer Dashboard

The Cancer Dashboard provides a high-level view of cancer's prevalence, trends, and burden in Pennsylvania. Users can dive deeper into the statistics through interactive charts and tables.


Enterprise Data Dissemination Informatics Exchange (EDDIE) is our primary interactive health statistics dissemination web tool. You can create customized data tables for cancer incidence, cancer mortality, childhood cancer and other public health datasets.

The Burden of Cancer in Pennsylvania

This report analyzes the burden, disparities and harms of cancer in Pennsylvania. It is intended for policy makers, program administrators, business and industry leaders, and the citizens of the Commonwealth.

Cancer Standard Output Tables

Large volume of all the latest available and historical counts of cancer diagnoses and deaths. Individual reports show counts by counties, municipalities, age, sex, race, primary site, or stage.

Data in these reports were collected by the Pennsylvania Cancer Registry (PCR). The PCR is a full participant in the National Program of Cancer Registries (NPCR) of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Please note the following reports are no longer updated. Similar statistics can be found in the Cancer Dashboard and EDDIE.

  • An Analysis of Cancer Incidence in Pennsylvania
  • Cancer Brochures
  • Cancer Facts and Figures Pennsylvania
  • Net Cancer Survival in Pennsylvania
  • Pennsylvania Cancer Incidence and Mortality
  • Pennsylvania Cancer Incidence and Mortality Executive Summary

Other Health Programs and Reports

The Department of Health's Cancer page lists other reports on cancer. It also links to pages with advice on prevention and screening for some cancer types.


Data You Can Use: Pennsylvania Health Statistics for Public Health Programs

This video shows where to find data on the Department of Health's web site. It focuses on data useful for those interested in cancer data. It gives an overview of querying data in EDDIE and the Cancer Dashboard.

External Resources

For additional cancer statistics and national data, visit the following web sites: