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​​School Health Annual Reimbursement Request System (SHARRS)

There have been significant changes made to the SHARRS and Dental Hygiene Authorization Plan submission dates due to the new processing system. There will now be "hard" open and close dates for submission of the SHARRS report and the Dental Hygiene Authorization Plan.  It is imperative schools mark their calendars with these important due dates. It is the school's responsibility to ensure the report is submitted timely and the information is accurate.

The SHARRS report will open May 15 and close September 30.  The report may only be submitted by the Superintendent/CEO.

The Dental Hygiene Authorization Plan will open April 1 and close April 30. The plan may be submitted by any authorized SHARRS school user. The Dental Hygiene Authorization Plan must be closed before SHARRS can be opened in order for the system to process reports correctly. Schools that have a Dental Hygiene Services Program and do not have a hygienist hired, a plan developed and approved by the school dentist and administrator, submitted to the Division of School Health timely will automatically revert to a Mandated Dental Program. Once reverted to a mandated program it cannot be changed to a dental hygiene program after the closing date due to processing requirements. 

A CSN should review the report prior to submission to ensure healthcare data is accurate. Data entry errors prolong processing the report and may result in deductions to a school's reimbursement. 

Schools who do not submit the report by September 30 may be subject to forfeiture of their reimbursement. Per the Public School Code of 1949 - Section 2505.1 (b). "... Reimbursement on account of health services rendered by a school district... may be withheld by the Secretary of Health are certified... within three months after the end of the school year..." (the school year officially ends June 30 per the Department of Education).

SHARRS is a secure, web-based system that allows educational institutions to electronically submit their "Request for Reimbursement and Report of School Health Services." Authorized individuals are given access to the system through the school's User Account Manager (UAM).

There is an instructional manual that schools should refer to for guidance in navigating the system and accurate data entry.

Authorized Users:

To access SHARRS, click here.    

To assist with data collection and consolidation, several tools have been developed: 

1. Tally Sheets

2. Hard Copy Report- To be used for data consolidation.    

The following changes were made to SHARRS effective school year 2015-16:

a. Certified School Nurse Detail - added CPR expiration date and name of course 

b. Health Exams, Screens and Select Services - BMI categories Healthy Weight and Overweight categories changed to match CDC 

c. Chronic Conditions - Life-Threatening Allergies category has been broken into two subcategories: Food Related Life-Threatening Allergies and Other Life-Threatening Allergies (Example: Bee stings, Latex, etc) 

d.   Medication Administration - added Reversal Agents: Naloxone/Narcan        

State Formula for Reimbursement of School Health Services