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Fayette County

The Fayette County Community Health Improvement Partnership (CHIP) was formed to address and prevent illness. The group's goals are to: improve the health status and quality of life of the residents of Fayette County, target the high risk factors for reduction, by identifying the underlying or root causes an using these as the basis for developing health promotion strategies, promote the productive use of the existing community resources, rather than the duplication of efforts for the same community health improvement initiatives, and to develop and empower partnerships at both the community level and at the state level, in order to mobilize the private, non-profit, and public sectors, in order to improve the economic and social conditions in our community.

Steps To A Healthier Fayette County

If you are interested in joining a walking group in Fayette County or currently belong to a walking group or other organization that is looking for a place to walk and engage in regular physical activity, please email or call 724-208-0424 for more information.