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PA TB Program LTBI Toolkit

The CDC estimates that there are up to 13 million people in the U.S. who have undiagnosed latent TB infection (LTBI). This means that for each case of TB disease there are about 1,400 people with LTBI, representing a vast reservoir of potential new cases of TB disease. Eliminating TB requires expanded efforts to diagnose and treat LTBI, including increased collaboration between the public and private health sectors. To assist in that effort, the PA TB Program developed the LTBI Toolkit as a tool for primary care providers who are likely to see patients at increased risk of TB infection.

LTBI toolkit

Initially, the toolkit was only available in preprinted form in a carrying case delivered by a local public health nurse. Now the components listed below can be downloaded and printed at your leisure.

Materials for Health Care Personnel

Patient Counseling Materials

A limited number of the following preprinted items are still available from the PA TB Program:

  • “Think TB … Test for TB” posters are available in two sizes – 11” by 17” and 14” by 20”, and
  • Preprinted LTBI toolkits, including the carrying case.
To request the preprinted items from the TB Program, email us at or call 717-787-6267.