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Tuberculosis Statistics


  • In 2019, the United States reported 8,920 new cases of TB and a case rate of 2.7 TB cases per 100,000 population (or about 27 cases per million).
  • The four states that reported the highest number of TB cases in 2019 were California (2,118), Texas (1,153), New York (754) and Florida (558). Together, those four states accounted for 51% of all new TB cases in the U.S.
  • Pennsylvania reported 198 TB cases and a case rate of 1.5 TB cases per 100,000 in 2019. Both figures were 7 percent lower than in 2018.
  • If you are a health care provider and need TB case rate information by Pennsylvania county, call the TB Program at 717-787-6267.

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