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PA Medical Home Initiative

Service Description

The Medical Home Initiative (MHI) brings quality improvement to primary care via a medical home approach.  Primary care practices that build the seven medical home principles into their work provide better care for children, youth, and young adults. 


Primary care practices with a medical home approach have been shown to improve outcomes for patients.  The MHI's mission is to enhance the quality of life for people aged 0 to 21, including those with special health care needs, by building the seven medical home principles into primary care.

Program Description

Medical home programThe MHI accomplishes its mission by:

  1. increasing access to medical home primary care throughout Pennsylvania
  2. listening to medical home stakeholders
  3. measuring the quality of care in primary care practices
  4. providing technical assistance to primary care practices

Why is a Medical Home Approach Important?

Medical home primary care practices provide better care for children, youth, and young adults.  Health professionals and families work together as partners to identify and arrange the services needed to help patients reach their potential.  Medical home primary care practices are built upon seven principles:

  1. Care coordination - primary care professionals help patients and families access other health professionals and community resources
  2. Patient-centered – patients' wishes are of highest importance; health professionals always check with patients and those close to them about options for care
  3. Comprehensive - primary care professionals take into account patients' physical health, emotional health, mental health, behavioral health, and oral health
  4. Continuous - patients receive care from the same primary care professional whenever possible
  5. Compassionate - the focus is on patients' well-being and comfort
  6. Culturally effective - primary care professionals find ways to serve patients of all backgrounds, including those who speak little or no English
  7. Accessible - primary care practices accept new patients, are available when patients need care, offer telehealth, move toward full accessibility, and provide communication options such as online patient portals

Who to Contact

For more information contact the Bureau of Family Health, Division of Community Systems Development and Outreach at 717-772-2763.