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Governor's Emergency Preparedness Summit

The Governor's Emergency Preparedness Summit is a Wolf Administration collaboration to help educate first responders and health professionals on the latest in emergency preparedness.

The next conference is slated for Spring 2019. Here is a recap from the 2017 summit.

Governor's Emergency Preparedness Summit Program    

Presentations featured a wide range of topics including:

  • Collaboration among the groups that make up the emergency response framework;
  • Development of Healthcare Coalitions (HCCs);
  • Collaboration for emergency planning in schools;
  • Severe and Winter Weather Coordination between HCCs and emergency management;
  • Crisis critical thinking and moving beyond 'run, hide, fight';
  • Drones and public safety;
  • Active shooter training;
  • Traffic incident management training;
  • Using collaboration to create a regional rescue team curriculum/class;
  • The importance of exercising;
  • Expectations for collaboration in our emergency-based workplaces;
  • Cyber hygiene and cyber trends in Pa.;
  • Human trafficking and suspicious activity reporting; and
  • Social media in emergency management.