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​Environmental health examines how different environments affect communities’ well-being. The health effects of breathing contaminated air or drinking water, living near abandoned toxic waste sites or being exposed to substances, such as lead, arsenic, pesticides and heavy metals, are all potentially cause for concern in Pennsylvania, a historically industrial state. Recognizing the prevalence of such issues, Pennsylvania created the Division of Environmental Health, what is now the Division of Environmental Health Epidemiology.

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Mission of the Division

Promoting and enhancing the health and well-being of the public and the environment through its responsibility for providing technical evaluation and/or consultation to identify environmental chemical exposures of concern and to assess the potential harmful effects posed by them.

Staff Directory

​Anil Nair​Division Director
​Farhad Ahmed​Program Manager, Health Assessment
​Bevin Durant​Health Educator/Health Assessor,
Health Assessment Program
​Sasidevi Arunchalam​Health Assessor, Health Assessment
​Stephanie Hasanali​Oil and Natural Gas Production Health
​Simisola Teye​Adult Blood Lead Epidemiology and