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Expanded Special Initiative

Who is eligible under this expanded Special Initiative?
This vaccination initiative will be targeted toward frontline, essential workers who have had no choice but to continue serving our commonwealth amidst the pandemic.  Targeted industries under this initiative include:

  • Law enforcement
  • Firefighters/Rescue Personnel
  • Grocery Store workers
  • Food and Agriculture workers

How are law enforcement, firefighters/rescue personnel, grocery store workers and Food and Agriculture workers being defined under this initiative?

  • For the purpose of this initiative, police, sheriffs and deputies, constables, corrections officers, staff,  probation and parole staff, Federal defenders and Criminal Justice Act counsel are able to get any COVID-19 vaccine as law enforcement.
  • Firefighters and rescue personnel that are both career and volunteer will be eligible to receive any COVID-19 vaccine.
  • All workers in supermarkets and grocery stores are eligible under this initiative. This does not include workers from super centers, convenience stores, general retail with some smaller footprint for food sales, beverage stores, and farmer's markets.
  • Food and Agriculture: All food processing company employees, including meat, poultry, and dairy processing, fresh fruit and vegetable packing operations, and food manufacturing. All farmworkers, farm operators, and farm managers, including at urban agriculture operations.

Under this expanded special initiative, will these industries now be eligible for any COVID-19 vaccine?
Yes, these industries will be eligible for any approved COVID-19 vaccine at any enrolled vaccine provider.  

When will this expanded Special Initiative begin?  When can we expect to have access to these vaccines?
This initiative is effective March 31, 2021 and individuals identified as part of this initiative may begin scheduling vaccine appointments at that time. Please note, due to high demand and limited supply of vaccine, it may take time to schedule an appointment with an enrolled vaccine provider.   

How can I schedule a vaccine as part of this Special Initiative?
Individuals identified as part of this initiative should use the Vaccine Provider Map available on the Department of Health webpage to locate a vaccine provider near them and contact that provider directly to schedule an appointment.

Is the vaccination mandatory?
No, the COVID-19 vaccine is not mandatory.

Is there a cost to receive the vaccine?
Information on all COVID-19 vaccine cost and insurance coverage can be found at

Do I need insurance to receive the vaccine?
If you do not have health insurance, you should still be able to get a vaccine at no charge. Ahead of your visit, you should call your provider to make sure you will not be charged. For more information, please visit

Updated: 4/1/2021