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COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution

Where Can I Get Vaccinated? | COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution| COVID-19 Vaccine Plan

All Pennsylvanians ages 6 months and older are eligible to receive a COVID-19 vaccine. Those aged 6 months to 18 years require a parental consent. Learn more about the pediatric vaccine.

CDC recommends that people ages 5 years and older receive one updated (bivalent) booster if it has been at least 2 months since their last COVID-19 vaccine dose, whether that was:

  • Their final primary series dose, or
  • An original (monovalent) booster

People who have gotten more than one original (monovalent) booster are also recommended to get an updated (bivalent) booster. Use this tool to determine when or if you (or your child) can get one or more COVID-19 boosters.

People who are moderately or severely immunocompromised have different recommendations for COVID-19 vaccines, including boosters.

Vaccine Phased Distribution

​Phase 1A
​Phase 1B
​Phase 1C
​Phase 2
Long-term care facility residents

Health care personnel including, but not limited to:
• Emergency medical service personnel
• Nurses
• Nursing assistants
• Physicians
• Dentists
• Dental hygienists
• Chiropractors
• Therapists
• Phlebotomists
• Pharmacists
• Technicians
• Pharmacy technicians
• Health professions students and trainees
• Direct support professionals
• Clinical personnel in school settings or correctional facilities
• Contractual HCP not directly employed by the health care facility
• Persons not directly involved in patient care but potentially exposed to infectious material that can transmit disease among or from health care personnel and patients

Persons ages 65 and older

• Persons ages 16-64 with high-risk conditions as identified by the CDC
Opens April 5, 2021

People in congregate settings not otherwise specified as LTCF and persons receiving home and community-based services:
Behavioral Health/Rehabilitation Facilities
Community Residential Rehabilitation Services
Correctional Facilities
Juvenile Justice Facilities
Domestic Violence Shelters
Homeless Shelters or Individuals Experiencing Homelessness
Intensive or Partial Treatment Programs
Office of Developmental Programs Home and Community-Based Services
Office of Long-Term Living Home and Community-Based Services
Office of Children, Youth and Families Child Residential Facilities

• First responders
• Correctional officers and other workers serving people in congregate care settings not included in Phase 1A  
• Food and agricultural workers
• U.S. Postal Service workers
• Manufacturing workers  
• Grocery store workers  
• Education workers
• Clergy and other essential support for houses of worship
• Public transit workers
• Individuals caring for children or adults in early childhood and adult day programs
Opens April 12, 2021

Essential workers in these sectors:
• Transportation and logistics
• Water and wastewater
• Food service
• Housing construction
• Finance, including bank tellers
• Information technology
• Communications
• Energy, including nuclear reactors
• Legal services
• Federal, state, county and local government workers, including county election workers, elected officials and members of the judiciary and their staff
• Media
• Public safety
• Public health workers
Opens April 13, 2021; updated November 2, 2021

• All individuals not previously covered who are 5 and older and do not have a contraindication to the vaccine (note that at this time, only the Pfizer-BioNTech product is approved for those age 5 and older )

Where Can I Get Vaccinated?

All Pennsylvanians age 6 months and older are eligible to receive a COVID-19 vaccine. The Department of Health is using as the mapping source to help individuals find a location where they can get vaccinated. Use the Find a Vaccine button below to find a provider near you.

*Note – Philadelphia County is a separate vaccine jurisdiction and has their own information about vaccine distribution.

Are you a Veteran, or Veteran's spouse, caregiver, or CHAMPVA recipient? You're also eligible to receive vaccine through the VA! Visit the VA website for more information.

Vaccine Provider Locations

Unusable Doses

Vaccine providers are required to report unusable doses of vaccine to the Department of Health on a regular basis. Vaccine can be discarded for a number of reasons, including vials broken in handling and syringe issues, such as bent or broken needles or clients refusing after the vaccine dose was drawn.

This data is updated in a comprehensive file that contains unusable vaccine doses by provider in the commonwealth's OpenData platform.


The Department of Health has made COVID-19 vaccination data available through the commonwealth's OpenData platform. 

The commonwealth's OpenData platform also shows how the commonwealth's public-facing services are providing relief and support to those in need at this time. Information included is data from the Department of Labor & Industry regarding unemployment compensation, data from the Department of Human Services on its Office of Income Maintenance Call Center, and data from the Department of Health on COVID-19 case, death, and hospitalization data, as well as calls to the 1-877-PA-HEALTH line.

Archived Data

The information below is archived. Updated provider data for the Retail and Federal Pharmacy Partnerships is available on OpenData.

Moderna and Retail Pharmacy Partnership

The Operation began allocation of Moderna vaccine directly to retail pharmacy partners, which in Pennsylvania includes Rite Aid and Topco. The following spreadsheets represent retail locations that received Moderna vaccine allocations.

Rite Aid


Pfizer and Retail Pharmacy Partnership

Beginning with the week of February 21, The Operation began an allocation Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine directly to retail pharmacy partners, which in Pennsylvania includes CVS, Rite Aid, Topco and Walmart. The following spreadsheets represent retail locations that received Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine allocations.

Federal Pharmacy Partnership

The following skilled nursing facilities are part of the Federal Pharmacy Partnership and either CVS or Walgreens is hosting a clinic to vaccinate residents and staff at the facility.

Updated: 11/7/2022