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Vaccination Clinic Partnerships

Thank you for your interest in hosting a vaccine clinic. The Pennsylvania Department of Health (DOH) is offering support to community groups, congregate care settings (e.g., nursing homes), faith-based organizations, schools, state agencies, businesses, employers, and any other groups interested in working with COVID-19 vaccine providers to perform community vaccination clinics.

Interested parties should reach out directly to the Department of Health at RA-DHCOVIDVAX@PA.GOV detailing:

  • Organization name
  • Contact name, email, and phone number
  • Address, including city and county
  • Preferred dates & anticipated number of participants for the vaccine clinic

Please note - this is not an approval process, only an opportunity to streamline the partnering process for those that have not been able to find a vaccine provider.  Partnerships can occur outside of this process and do not require DOH approval to proceed.  PA DOH will work to match clinic hosts with vaccine providers, but submitting this email is not a guarantee of an appropriate match.  Requests will be evaluated on a rolling basis and PA DOH will aim to respond within a week.

Thank you again for your interest in hosting a vaccine clinic.