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Coronavirus symptoms and precautions


Coronavirus - symptoms and precautions - Twitter Coronavirus - how to prepare - Twitter

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When to seek care How to get tested for COVID-19 Tips for proper handwashing

Tips to protect from COVID-19 Isolation vs quarantine

Information about COVID-19 for Facebook Information about COVID-19 for Twitter 

COVID-19 anyone can get a virus_Facebook COVID-19 anyone can get a virus_Twitter

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Sick stay home_FB_v2 Sick stay home_Twitter_v2

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Community spread_FB Community spread_Twitter 

Quarantine_FB Quarantine_Twitter

Isolation_FB Isolation_Twitter

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COVID-19 Playdate - FB COVID-19 Playdate - Twitter 

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Posters and Printables (En Español)

Preparing for the spread of COVID-19 COVID-19 Self-Monitor and Social DistancingWash your hands posterCOVID-19 Prevention Steps poster

COVID-19 Safety for EMS Quarantine-isolation work guidanceWhen-To-Call-911-COVID-19-PEMA

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Updated 3/24/2020