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Summary of Remdisivir Allocation


Total number of COVID inpatients / 7 days + Total number of COVID inpatients / 7 days = raw score

individual raw score / ∑ all raw scores = allocation score

The current allocation formula is based upon the following data from the Knowledge Center reporting tool:

    1. Total number of COVID-19 positive inpatients reported at 1200 each day
    2. Total number of COVID-19 positive patients on ventilator at 1200 each day
  1. These numbers are averaged across a 7-day period from 5/4/2020 through 5/10/2020 ("Average COVID Inpatient over 7 days" and "Average COVID Vents over 7 days")
  2. Total average numbers of 1a and 1b were summed for each hospital ("Raw Score")
  3. A total allocation score was derived as each hospital's individual portion of the score as a part of the overall total of scores ("Allocation Score")
  4. The 30 cases (1200 vials) were allocated by utilization of the Excel "MRound" function to allocate number of vials per facility in .45 case (18 vial) increments ("Allocation")
    1. This resulted in only 29.7 cases being allocated full cases
    2. The remainder (.3 cases/12 vials) was allocated to the next facility in line

Resources for More Information

For more information, visit the department's website and the CDC website.  

Help is available, contact the Crisis Text Line by texting PA to 741-741.                                                                        

Date created: 5/12/2020