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​Pennsylvania and Federal Pharmacy Partnership Program For Long-Term Care Facilities


The federal government has established the Federal Pharmacy Partnership (FPP) program for Long-Term Care Facilities in order to help vaccinate one of the highest risk populations--those who live and work in long-term care facilities (LTCFs). This program will provide vaccine directly to the pharmacy partners that will handle all parts of LTCF vaccination process.

The Pennsylvania Department of Health and the Philadelphia Department of Public Health have both opted to participate in this program. This means that a significant number of LTCFs were automatically enrolled in the program and given the option to pick a partner. Recently enrolled facilities were given a partner based on location, and the department continues to work to enroll additional types of facilities. In Pennsylvania, CVS and Walgreens are the two FPP participants. Each partnership will report data on those vaccinated in Pennsylvania (minus Philadelphia) through the Pennsylvania State Immunization Information System (PA-SIIS).  Philadelphia uses its own immunization registration system.

Who Will the FPP For Long-Term Care Facilities Vaccinate?

Vaccination through the FPP across Pennsylvania will begin on December 28, 2020, starting with skilled nursing facilities, as directed by the CDC.

Additional facility types covered under the partnership that will receive vaccinations after skilled nursing facilities include personal care homes, assisted living facilities, private intermediate care facilities for individuals with developmental disabilities, community group homes, residential treatment facilities for adults, long-term structured residences, state veterans homes, state centers, private psychiatric hospitals and continuing care retirement communities.

CVS and Walgreens are making operational decisions on which locations will be vaccinated first.

Of note, the Federal government is partnering with pharmacies including CVS and Walgreens in future phases of vaccine distribution.  That partnership will operate differently than the FPP. 


The majority of facilities in the state have chosen CVS as their Partner. CVS has resources on its website to provide more information on how it will be working with facilities. These include a vaccine clinic guide, FAQ document, information on the consent process and a white paper on understanding and addressing vaccine hesitancy.

Walgreens AND FPP

A number of facilities chose Walgreens as their Partner. Walgreens has resources on its website to provide more information on how it will be working with facilities. These include a webinar of the program, a guide on what to expect with Walgreens as the partner, digital signage, a vaccine clinic tip sheet, information regarding consent, and a guide for facilities on how to register.

Resources for more information



COVID-19 vaccine provider website:

Pennsylvania COVID-19 Interim Vaccination Plan:

Updated: 12/28/2020