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Signing Up for eVitals 

To obtain access to eVitals, each facility or organization and its eVitals users must perform the following:

Step 1 – Register your facility or organization in the Commonwealth's Keystone Identity Management System.  See SRN 2021-03 for more information on the Keystone Login requirements.

Licensed Healthcare Facilities

If your organization completed an eVital Facility Registration Form during the spring of 2021, then a Keystone ID Business Partner Account has been created for your facility. 


Midwiferies currently reporting electronically to the Department of Health are required to register their practice for a Keystone ID Business Partner Account.  See the eVitals Guide on Organization Registration for a Keystone ID Business Account for step-by-step instructions.  Allow 1-3 business days for your midwifery's registration request to be approved and established in eVitals.

Step 2 – Attend an eVitals Birth Registration live webinar.  

Staff that has an official duty to report or manage the reporting of live births must attend mandatory training on reporting a live birth in Pennsylvania.  

Register for a TRAIN PA account.  Watch the 2 minute video at for assistance in "Setting Up Your Train Account."

Take the 2.5-hour introductory course that best fits your work environment.  All users of eVitals are required to take this mandatory course before user credentials are issued.  The introductory course options are as follows:

Be sure to attend PA-BHSR: eVitals (Stakeholders) Specialized Birth Registrations, Birth Amendments, and System Reports.  This 2.5-hour course is strongly recommended.  Course content covers how to designate an Acknowledgement of Paternity, parent affidavit or gestational carrier on your report of live birth; how to request an amendment to a birth record; and how to run reports in eVitals.

Take the 1 hour Facility Administrators Training course if you are responsible for approving eVitals users at your facility.  Each facility must have at least one and may have up to four facility administrators.  All facility administrators must take this mandatory course before facility administrator credentials are issued.  Each facility or midwifery practice must have a facility administrator onboard before other users are able to enroll for eVitals. The facility administrator training courses are as follows:

Step 3 – Registering a  Keystone ID with eVitals.

After you have completed the training requirements listed in Step 2, you may register for a Keystone ID.  A Keystone ID is a universal ID issued by the Commonwealth that is used as your user credentials for multiple Commonwealth applications.

Step 4 – Requesting Access to eVitals. 

Once you have completed all mandatory training and Step 3, you may request eVitals access.  Please note that only staff with an official duty to report or manage the reporting of live births may be approved for an eVitals account.  A staff member from the PA Department of Health, Bureau of Health Statistics and Registries (BHSR) must approve the facility administrator's account in eVitals before other user account are able to be activated. 

To provide proof to your facility administrator that you have completed the necessary training, please have your training certificate available.  To obtain your certificate, log into TRAIN PA, then go to the Your Learning menu option.  From the Your Learning menu, navigate to the Your Certificates and download the appropriate training certificate(s).

Until your account is approved and until eVitals is live, your access in eVitals will be limited.  Please continue to report all live births in DAVE until eVitals has been launched.