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Pennsylvania Electronic Death Registration System (EDRS)

Pennsylvania is implementing an Electronic Death Registration System (EDRS) to report death events in Pennsylvania. EDRS is a web-based application that simplifies the data collection process and enhances communication between funeral directors, local registrars, coroners/medical examiners and certifying health care providers as they work together to register deaths online.

The Bureau of Health Statistics and Registries (BHSR) is implementing EDRS with a phased approach. Phase 1 focused on bringing onboard all funeral directors, local registrars and coroners/medical examiners. Phase 1 officially concluded in the summer of 2017. Phase 2 will occur at a future date and will focus on onboarding medical certifiers.

Quick Links

EDRS Hotline - 800-323-9613

Hours of Support: 7 am to 7 pm

If you received training and need additional support, please either call BHSR toll-free at 800-323-9613, (select option two) or send an email to The EDRS Hotline is staffed weekdays during normal business hours.

Click here to download an EDRS Contact Information sheet (PDF).

EDRS Resources

The following resources are available for your use. These resources are updated as needed, so please ensure you are using the most current version

Coroners/Medical Examiners

Funeral Homes

Local Registrars

Health Care Facilities


EDRS Statewide Participation

Training has already been conducted for funeral homes, coroners/medical examiners and local registrars throughout Pennsylvania as part of Phase 1. In advance of Phase 2, many licensed health care facilities have requested and received training as well.

To view a list of licensed health care facilities that have adopted EDRS, click on the link below.

To view a list of local registrars, click on the link below.

To view a list of funeral homes that have been trained, click on the link below.

To view a list of of coroner/medical examiner offices that have been trained, click on the link below.


EDRS Training Opportunities

Training is available to coroners/medical examiners and funeral homes. Webinars will be conducted for those who were unable to attend training during Phase 1 or would like a refresher. If you are interested in receiving EDRS training, you will first need to register for an EDRS account.

Webinars for funeral homes are scheduled as follows: 

Funeral Home Staff Webinars

Day of the WeekDateTime
MondayJuly 13, 20202:00 pm
WednesdayJuly 15, 20201:00 pm
FridayJuly 17, 20201:00 pm
MondayJuly 20, 20202:00 pm
WednesdayJuly 22, 20201:00 pm
FridayJuly 24, 20201:00 pm

Funeral Home Facility Account Managers Webinars

For Funeral Home Facility Account Manager Training, please email to schedule a training for your facility.

Webinars for coroners/medical examiners are scheduled as follows:

Coroner/Medical Examiner Webinars

Day of the WeekDateTime
WednesdayJuly 15, 202010:00 am
ThursdayJuly 16, 20201:00 pm
WednesdayJuly 22, 202010:00 am
ThursdayJuly 23, 20201:00 pm

Licensed funeral directors who attend a live webinar for "Funeral Home EDRS Training" will receive continuing education units (CEUs) as approved by the Department of State. The CEU Acknowledgment and Attestation Form (PDF) must be completed within two weeks of training. Instructions for submittal are included on the form.

Webinars for medical professionals are scheduled as follows:

Medical Professional Webinars

Day of the WeekDateTime
MondayJuly 13, 202010:00 am
TuesdayJuly 14, 202010:00 am
TuesdayJuly 14, 20202:00 pm
WednesdayJuly 15, 20202:00 pm
ThursdayJuly 16, 202010:00 am
ThursdayJuly 16, 20202:00 pm
FridayJuly 17, 202010:00 am
MondayJuly 20, 202010:00 am
TuesdayJuly 21, 202010:00 am
TuesdayJuly 21, 20202:00 pm
WednesdayJuly 22, 20202:00 pm

Medical Facility Account Managers Webinars

Day of the WeekDateTime
​Tuesday​July 14, 2020
​3:30 pm
BHSR will be rolling out training to medical certifiers under Phase 2 of this project. If your organization is interested in receiving training please contact us by phone at 1-800-323-9613, option 2 or by email at

How to Register for an EDRS Account

To access EDRS you will need an EDRS account. Based on where you work, please see below for the process to register for an account.



How to Add a Facility to the EDRS Lookup Tool

EDRS has a facility look-up tool for place of death. When searching for a facility as an authorized user, please perform a wildcard search using the percent sign for the wildcard. For example, if entering %har% as your search criteria, all facilities that contain "har" anywhere in the facility name will appear in your search results.

If you are unable to find the facility after performing a wildcard search, please submit an email to us requesting that we add the facility. Send the email to and include the following details:

  • facility type (based on the facility type options available in EDRS);
  • complete facility name; and
  • facility address, including zip code.

We will inform you as soon as the facility has been added to EDRS.


Opportunties for Third-Party Software Providers

If you are a third-party software provider who has implemented a solution to collect death record information in Pennsylvania, please call us at 800-323-9613 to find out how your product can integrate with Pennsylvania's EDRS solution.

Interested parties are required to complete the Application of Intent to Participate in the Reporting of Pennsylvania Death Events, 4/4/2019 (PDF).