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Local Registrars

Local registrars are appointed by the Department of Health to work with funeral directors to register deaths that occur in Pennsylvania.  All local registrars are required to register deaths that are reported through EDRS and on our paper "Certificate of Death".  Local registrars also provide the important services of issuing death certificates to the funeral director upon registration of a report of death.  Local registrars are authorized to issue death certificates for the first 90-days after the report of death is filed.

To find the local registrar in your district, please download our List of Local Registrars.

EDRS Guidance for Local Registrars

The following list of Quick Reference Sheets (QRS) are available only to local, assistant and deputy registrars

QRS # Quick Reference SheetVideo
QRS-1000 Login to EDRS View the video
QRS-1001 Resetting Your PasswordView the video
QRS-2013A Printing a Vault Copy for a Case with a Disposition Permit Generated by EDRSView the video
QRS-2013B Printing a Vault Copy for a Case with a Pre-Signed Disposition PermitView the video
QRS-2014 Printing Additional Vault CopiesView the video
QRS-2015 Printing a Working Copy (Noncertified)View the video
QRS-2019 Using Messages to Communicate with a Funeral Home (to Refer a case to a Coroner/Medical Examiner)View the video
QRS-2020 Changing the Filing Registrar (from a local registrar to a deputy) within the Local Registration DistrictView the video
QRS-2052 Adding CommentsView the video
QRS-2054 Affirming a Death CaseView the video
​QRS-2062-LRProcessing an Order for a Death Certificate Submitted Through EDRSView the video