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Stool Pathogens

The Bureau of Laboratories performs the following tests for stool pathogens: Enteric Pathogens, Norovirus and Clostridium difficile toxin. As clinically indicated, the suspected pathogen must be noted on the specimen submission form.

Stool Specimen Collection Kit

Kits are provided to only to public health centers.

Instructions for use of the kits are provided below and are available as a printable PDF. The form below should be used to place orders for additional collection kits.


  • Cary Blair Medium (pink color)
  • Biohazard bag with absorbent pad
  • Specimen submission form
  • Clear plastic bag
  • Cold pack
  • Foam packing insert
  • Pre-addressed, postage-paid cardboard mailer

Collection Instructions

Upon receipt of the kit, freeze the cold pack. Stool should be passed into a clean, dry container or paper cup. Use the attached spoon to add a sufficient amount of stool to the vial to bring the volume up to the fill line. Mix the stool and liquid completely with the spoon. Tightly screw on the cap and shake the container vigorously for about one minute. Label the container with your name and the collection date. This information must appear on BOTH the specimen and the submission form or testing will NOT be performed. Place the stool container in the biohazard bag with the absorbent pad. Seal the bag. Refrigerate the stool container until shipping.

Shipping Instructions

Carefully place the biohazard bag containing the stool container into the foam box and add the cold pack. Close the foam box and put it into the cardboard mailer. Put the completed specimen submission form in the clear plastic bag. Seal the bag and place it between the foam box and cardboard mailer. Close the outer mailer and seal it with tape. Place the box into a United States Postal Service mailbox or take it to a post office for delivery.

Specimen Submission Form

Bureau of Laboratories Specimen Submission Form