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Ambulatory Surgery Center Reports

Data found in the reports listed below were obtained from the annual Ambulatory Surgery Center questionnaires. Click "Show +" to expand a section, and "Hide -" to collapse it. To open a specific report or file, select the desired year and click the "Submit" button.

An Ambulatory Surgery Center Geographic Information Systems (GIS) layer is created each year and available for download as a shapefile, or which can be added to a map as a map service (ArcMap, Google Earth, WMS) from the Pennsylvania Spatial Data Access (PASDA) website.

Attention data users:  Due to a shift in questionnaire administration and reporting, our Ambulatory Surgery Center data and reports changed from fiscal year to calendar year periods. The 2014-2015 Ambulatory Surgery Center Reports were the last based on fiscal year. The first calendar year reports are for 2016. 

Starting with 2016, reports are in Excel format.

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Individual ReportsHide -
  • 1: Utilization and Services by Facility and County - Patient visits by age, ultrasound exams, diagnostic X-rays, operations, number of operating rooms and availability of 5 selected services.
  • 2: Medical Staff with Clinical Privileges in Selected Departments/Services - Active medical staff with clinical privileges in 19 selected specialties.
  • 3: Full-time and Part-time Workers at Facility - From 1995-1996 through 2017, this section inlcuded payroll and contracted breakouts within full-time and part-time categories, starting with 2018, categories only show full-time and part-time (inlcudes all workers).
Full ReportsHide -
  • View the current full report and archived Ambulatory Surgery Center reports.
Source FilesHide -
  • View the record level data for each Ambulatory Surgery Center report. The files are in fixed-width format from 1999-2000 through 2017. Starting with 2018 data, files are now in CSV format.
  • View the record format for the record level data.