Select a Geography

Choose the geographic level at which you would like the data to be aggregated. Depending on the category selected, one or more of the following geographies will be available:

Select this geography for statistics for Pennsylvania as a whole.
BRFSS District
Pennsylvania has eight health districts, six of which are groups of neighboring counties. The other two are Allegheny and Philadelphia, neither of which are included in the other six districts.
BRFSS Region
There are 25 survey regions in Pennsylvania, each being one or more neighboring counties. Pennsylvania is also an option for state-level statistics.
These are Pennsylvania's 67 counties, from Adams to York.
This option includes cities, townships, and boroughs. There are over 2,500 municipalities in Pennsylvania.

Depending on the geography selected, the type of reports and statistics available may differ.

Smaller geographic levels have statistics for smaller populations, which increases the chance a statistic will be suppressed. To avoid suppressed statistics, you could also choose longer time periods (three- or five-year) if available.

It is also possible that some demographic variables (e.g., Age, Race/Ethnicity, etc.) will not be available in reports for small geographies.

Note: Rate statistics are not available for municipality-level geographies, due to limitations in population data.