Select the statistic to display in the output table.

Only one selection allowed.

Selections include:

The frequency count (Count) and 95% confidence intervals (Lower Bound and Upper Bound) are displayed for all selections.

A rate, ratio or percentage that appears in red for a county denotes a significantly higher figure compared to Pennsylvania. A blue rate, ratio or percentage denotes a significantly lower value. Significance for Pennsylvania rates, ratios, or percentages are not calculated and shown.

Important: Age-adjusted rates will not be shown if Count is less than 20, due to the unreliability of calculations based on small numbers. For similar reasons, all other rates, ratios, or percentages will not be shown if Count is less than 10. If the population is less than 300, Count and the selected Rate/Ratio will be suppressed.

For more information on rates and ratios, please see our Tools of the Trade.