Primary Site or Type

Select the primary site or type of cancer.

Multiple values may be selected when creating a table (you may need to hold down the Shift or Ctrl key). However, this menu may be limited to a single selection when creating a chart or map.

First choose one of these categories:

23 Primary Sites
Twenty three major cancer site groupings as defined by SEER. This is the standard grouping system.
Major Group Sites
Broad groupings of related cancers (e.g., Digestive System, Respiratory System, etc.).
Show All Sites
A detailed list of over 100 cancer types, including the 23 primary sites, the major group sites, and more.

Click on the ICD-O Codes button for the specific ICD-O-3 and ICD-O-2 codes by site.

(M) and (F) denote a sex-specific site and only data for that sex (male or female, respectively) will be included in the output table.

Note: This dataset is based on cases, identified by primary site or type. It is possible for multiple cases of cancer to occur in a single cancer patient.

The value All Cancers (excluding lymphomas) was added so that additional stage categories (in situ, local, regional, and distant) could be analyzed.

The other value, All Cancers, does include lymphomas. Rows in the output table for this primary site or type are limited to the following stages: Invasive, Early, Late, and Unknown.