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What Sets Us Apart From Other States?

Pennsylvania is pursuing broad-based health and health care delivery system transformation, with an emphasis on changing the way we pay for health care, making health care prices and quality clearer and easier to understand, and re-thinking how we deliver health care in rural areas. Specifically:

Increase value-based payment for health care services. Pennsylvania will promote the transition from fee-for-service, volume-based health care to value-based payments that reward quality outcomes. The move will incentivize health care providers to focus on improving population health as well as health care delivery.

Enhance price and quality transparency. Pennsylvania will explore ways to inform health care consumers regarding the price and quality of health care services. Like other states, Pennsylvania will examine consumer-friendly tools that provide consumers with data on price and quality in order to allow for informed health care decisions.

Improve rural health care services. Pennsylvania will explore ways to improve health care for residents living in rural areas in a manner that is sustainable and better serves the health needs of local populations.